Our food system is broken. From field to fork, it’s riddled with inequalities and waste.

We want to help fix it.

  • Food Waste

    A whopping 40% of food produced across the world in never eaten. Just 17% of this is at the consumer level, showing that this problem exists all the way along the supply chain.

  • poor diet

    Poor diet is the biggest contributor to early deaths worldwide. That's more than smoking. It's a cold, hard fact. It also costs the UK economy an estimated £74 billion every year.

  • Inequalaties

    We recognise it's hard for everyone to eat the WHO-recommended 5 portions of fruit & vegetables a day. Widening health inequalities in our society are due to the economic barriers that exist to eating well. 


We love being nerdy! We've spent countless hours researching this. Some of our sources are below, but get in touch if you'd like to find out more.

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