JUX FOOD wants to change the planet, one spoonful at at time

Back in 2019, JUX founder Anna Wood suffered from severe burnout. 

Like a lot of people she was working too hard, not sleeping enough and definitely not paying any attention to her diet. 

After exhausting all the conventional treatment options, Anna eventually turned to food to recover. She educated herself on the power of nutrition and the importance of good gut-health, and soon discovered that a plant-rich diet was integral to her recovery.

But she soon found out that eating a varied and plant-rich diet is hard for a number of reasons.


The sad reality is, our food system is broken from start to end. Over-processing, waste, green-house gas emissions, price inflation, lack of local access to fresh food: you name it. Our food system is full of inequalities, and we need some smart solutions to fix it. So this is what Anna and her team set out to do.


During her Masters studies at The University of Cambridge, Anna educated herself on freeze-drying. The process of freeze-drying removes only water content from a product through a process called sublimation.

This maintains the plant's natural goodness and preserves it, giving it a life-span of years. It presses "pause" on a plant's perishability and captures all the nutrients, flavour and colour that was being lost through traditional dehydration methods.

A light bulb moment!

Freeze-drying was the perfect solution to address the major issues we face in our food system.

A process that creates long-lasting, 100% natural products with whole food nutrition; that reduces food waste and makes it easier for people to eat a plant-rich diet.


With her purpose now clear, Anna set about to build the business and leverage this technology to help transform how people eat plants. Fresh didn't have to mean better, and convenience stopped meaning compromise. After countless months of testing and research, our Head of Sales George, joined Anna and JUX Food launched in November 2023. In 2024 the duo became a trio as Marketing Manager Daniela joined the team.

Together, they're changing the way we view dried ingredients one teaspoon at a time!

JUX Food makes it easier for everyone to access a nutritious, sustainable and plant-rich diet with 100% natural Super Ingredients. We like to say we're changing the world one spoonful at a time.

Come and join the Nutrition Revolution!