Suffering from illness in 2019 and after exhausting all the conventional treatment options, JUX Founder Anna Wood turned to food to recover. Educating herself on the power of certain foods and the importance of good gut-health, she soon discovered that a plant-rich diet was not only integral to her recovery but also has a huge amount of benefits beyond health.

But eating a varied and plant-rich diet is hard for a number of reasons.

Growing up in the depths of rural Norfolk, Anna saw first-hand the care and attention that goes into growing our food. Yet by the time this food reaches our plates, it’s a pale version of its former glory. Over-processing, food waste, green-house gas emissions, price inflation: you name it. Our food system has lots of problems, and we need some smart solutions to fix it. So this is what Anna set out to do.

Fast Forward To 2023..

after countless hours of testing and research, over a thousand coffees, a 6-month nutrition-programme and one MBA later; JUX Food was born.

JUX is launching this autumn with a simple mission:

Start a nutrition revolution.

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